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A Caring Voice For You

We are a health and wellness service that specialize in supporting individuals who encounter day to day stressors.

Our services are provided with confidentiality and kindness. We hope that the voice of another human being helps to get through the rollercoasters of life. We understand the need to connect with others and have a meaningful conversation. 


Friendship Connections

Friendship Connection services are designed for seniors who need companionship throughout the day...

*Older Adult Service 

Health and Happiness Check-In

Health and Happiness Check-In services are designed to support caregivers or individuals with health and safety reminders...

Compassion Calls

Compassion Calls are designed to increase socialization and provide companionship to any member in need...


Employee Retention

Looking to improve employee retention and not sure what to do? Tired of hiring employees only to find out a few weeks or months later you need to start the hiring process again?...

Graduation Cap

College Students / Young Adults

Stress among college students is an ongoing issue that is widely recognized throughout the US. With college life being so demanding and challenging...

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Spill My Tea

This service offers a safe and confidential space where clients can openly share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. We prioritize privacy and understanding throughout the entire process, ensuring clients feel secure and supported. Our compassionate professionals are dedicated to listening and providing the emotional support needed

$65.00 for 40 minute sessions

Separation, Divorce & Everything In Between

Separation, Divorce and Everything In Between offers compassionate, confidential support for those navigating any relationship issues. Schedule personalized appointments to discuss separation, divorce, post-divorce matters, or any other relationship challenges. Our team provides a listening ear and emotional support tailored to your unique situation, helping you cope with the changes.

$85.00 for 50 minute sessions

KinCapsule/ Tell My Life Story

In partnership with KinCapsule, A Caring Voice for You has developed “Tell My Life Story” to help individuals document and share their life stories through a secure, digital sanctuary. Clients will receive support recording sessions to create a lasting legacy that is passed down through generations.

$55.00 per session / 30 minutes


“Other” is a personalized service offering individualized, confidential support for anyone seeking to explore their thoughts and ask questions with “Davina, the owner of A Caring Voice for You”. This service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, providing a safe space where concerns can be openly discussed without fear of judgment. Precedence will be placed on listening, guiding, and supporting you on your personal and spiritual journey, helping individuals seek clarity by asking questions and gaining direction.

A Caring Voice for You gives back to nonprofit organizations that support health and wellness. We strongly believe in giving back and supporting our community.

About Us

Life happens. We all feel stressed or alone at times. In these moments, we want to be there to support you, to listen. At A Caring Voice For You, we enjoy providing compassionate and engaging conversations through a phone call to any adult in need. Our services are provided with confidentiality and kindness. 

We C.A.R.E



We’re here to demonstrate love and kindness to everyone. Compassion is the heart of our work and we strive to allow our customers to feel this with each call.



We love you just the way you are! We are here to provide support and listen to you without judgment.



We treat everyone fairly and appreciate your willingness to trust us to support you. We value humility and collaboration in our work.



We are purpose driven with integrity and commitment at the core of our work.

Our Mission

To use our voice to share compassion and care through meaningful conversations one phone call at a time

Our Vision

To be the leading wellness service to reduce the stress and loneliness of individuals all over the world.

Privacy Policy: At A Caring Voice for You, your privacy is our priority. We assure you that any mobile or personal information you provide, including phone numbers and consent, will not be shared with any third parties, affiliates, or partners. Your trust is important to us, and we are committed to protecting your personal information. For more information regarding our privacy policy, please click here

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A Letter to You

Hello friend,

I’m so glad you’re here. 

I want you to know loneliness can occur to anyone. It wasn’t until I was faced with a health crisis, on top of the death of two loved ones that I learned first hand what it was like to experience loneliness. With the various strategies I developed over the years, my faith and the help of a few close friends, I managed to get through this phase of my life.

We all have things we are going through. Having a compassionate voice to listen to you is often what you need to get through the roller coasters of life.  

At A Caring Voice For You, we CARE and are REAL PEOPLE waiting to listen and connect with you.

Give Us a call at 1-(833)-829-1088 today!