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About this Service

Stress among college students is an ongoing issue that is widely recognized throughout the US. With college life being so demanding and challenging, many students often face a series of stressors that impacts their mental well-being. 

  • Academic pressure
  • Time management
  • Social and peer pressure
  • Future uncertainty
  • Loneliness 
  • Transition adjustment
  • Financial burden

Our services are geared toward helping college students who are struggling with day-to- day stressors get over each bump they encounter. 

College students or loved ones of college students can request this service for weekly or monthly services. Services are confidential and are designed to connect with students who have difficulty managing stress and the demands of life. When agreed upon by both clients, loved ones can receive a colored rating scale that indicates the stress level of the college student after each servic


Overall, 88 percent of college students reported their school life to be stressful. Education and medical majors reported the highest levels of stress, followed by psychology, arts, and the sciences.

"More than half of college students have experienced chronic stress, which is associated with worse mental health.

Our Stress Rating Scale

Everything is fine. The student is currently managing stress well.
The student experienced minor stress. One or more of the following occurred: goals we created or updated to help reduce the stress level of the student, resources were offered. The student felt confident they were able to manage their current stress level.
The student experienced a moderate level of stress. One or more of the following occurred: resources were offered, stress reducing plan was developed, goals were established. The student is confident they will be able to manage their stress level .
The student was overwhelmed by stress at the time of communication. One or more of the following was provided: resources were recommended, a stress reducing plan was created or adjusted, goals were created, discussed and / or updated. It is recommended for a loved one to reach out to the student for additional support.
Unable to gain clarity of stress level
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How to Get Started

  1. Schedule an intake appointment by clicking here
  2. Complete intake paperwork before your appointment
  3. Attend the intake appointment 
  4. Pay for the desired plan


$ 49
  • One time a month contact
$ 79
  • Two times a month
$ 129
  • Three times a month
$ 159
  • Four times a month
$ 39
  • Additional Support Call


Services can be scheduled by making an intake appointment at

You can also call 1-833-829-1088 for more information.


A wellness employee will reach out to the designated college student and check in with them through conversation. College students can also reach out to us when needed to receive their check in time. The student will have the opportunity to share their feelings and perspectives about how their day/week or month is going. Most often college students talk about stressors and obstacles they are enduring. Goals can be set and resources will be suggested if additional support is needed. If the loved one requests an update regarding the college student, a stress rating color will be sent to the loved one regarding their status if agreed upon by both the client and the loved one.

The goal of wellness check-in services is for college students to gain clarity of their stress level, increase awareness of needing support and decrease common effects from high stress among young adults. More than often college students are on their own for the first time in their lives. It can bring a higher level of stress when a variety of obstacles come their way. We are there to provide guidance and support in times when they need it most.

Of course, college students can reach out via text or by calling 1-833-829-1088 and ask to have their scheduled service immediately or during that day or night. We are flexible to meet the needs of students who may need someone to talk to immediately. Loved ones can also purchase additional talk to time to ensure if additional support is needed they are able to talk to someone immediately.

Yes, the level of services can be switched at any time. The new plan will be renewed and charged on your anniversary date. If you want to start benefiting from the new plan right away, the difference in pay will be billed the day of the change. Reduction of services can only start on the renewal date. 

Our goal is to have the same person connect with our clients each day. We strive to build positive lasting relationships. A request can be made to talk to another employee if desired. 

Each call varies in length and our average call time is 15 minutes.  We will accommodate our clients to meet their current needs

This is the opportunity for the client to share what is on their mind. The goal is to listen to the client and allow the conversation to flow freely and provide support. 


Check-in calls occur at varying hours. Many college students prefer to connect during the day, in between classes, in the afternoon and at night. We are flexible to meet the needs of the students.

We will do our best to connect with clients multiple times during the suggested times given. If we seem to have trouble getting in contact with the client we will follow the designated plan agreed upon at the intake appointment.

Yes, this is one of the greatest benefits of our service. Although our services are confidential, loved ones can be provided with updates using our color feature weekly or monthly. This service is often requested at the start of the service but can be added on at any time by contacting us.

Billing FAQ

We accept all major credit and debit cards. If you are unable to pay credit or debit card please call us to discuss alternate forms of payment. 


Your credit /debit card will be automatically billed each month on the anniversary of the day you signed up.

You can change your membership plan anytime you want. The new plan will be renewed and charged on your anniversary date. If you want to start benefiting from the new plan right away, the difference in pay will be billed the day of the change. Reduction of services can only start on the renewal date. Please call us at 833-829-1088 or email us at to make the change.

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